Aunia Kahn
"Unveiling Sabiasm"
Original Mixed Media Canvas

Aunia Kahn
"Riveted Precursor"
Original Mixed Media Canvas

Aunia Kahn
"Context of world"
Original Mixed Media Canvas

Aunia Kahn
Aunia Kahn
"Arbitrary Consecration (Syd Blakovich)"
Original Mixed Media Canvas

Aunia Kahn
Aunia Kahn
"Benevolent Messenger"
Original Mixed Media Canvas

Aunia Kahns works are mixed media of Photography,
collage and painting - once completed it`s finalized on the
computer as a digital file. The final file is printed as an original
on archival cavas, gallery wrapped. and is anhanced with a
beautiful waterproof laquer coating for protection and depths:
Being called "the original" means that there is only one
that will ever be printed on canvas and is treated just like
an original painting.


Aunia Kahn Born on December 5th, 1977 in Michigan, is a self taught figurative artist who began creating art as a therapeutic response to a difficult upbringing. Kahn's works combines many disciplines, wrapping them into a hybrid art form melding photography, painting and collage. She invariably designs, builds, and executes characters, non-existent places, dreams, illusions, fears and fables into creation, which meld elements of classical and contemporary art. Each work makes use of her own likeness in movie-like stills, dealing in varied taboo and often controversial subject matter to challenge the viewer, their understanding and preconceived notions; yet she connects through honest feeling and emotions. Aunia's work has constantly evolved, earlier works dealt more with her past, while her more recent creations delve into present emotional conflicts and inspirations.

She is also the owner of Reignlock Art & Publishing, the creator of the Silver Era Tarot deck, the forthcoming Inspirations for Survivors deck, and the Lowbrow Tarot Project, is the author of Obvious Remote Chaos, Minding the Sea: Inviting the Muses Over for Tea [Release Date: June 2012], and a graphic/web designer. She currently resides in Illinois with her four German Shepherds and black cat in her secret closet.

Solo Exhibitions

Our Intrepid Delusion · Kayo Gallery · Salt Lake City · UT · 2011
Film Noir · PHD Gallery · St. Louis MO · 2011
Cross Contamination "Aunia Kahn & Mike Turney" Mad Art Gallery · St. Louis MO · 2011
Our World of Reminiscence · Urban Art · Collinsville IL · 2010
Our Intimate Perception · Concrete Ocean Gallery · St. Louis MO · 2009
Our Forbidden Solution · Schmidt Art Center · Belleville IL · 2009
Our Quiet Earthquake · Eclectix Gallery · El Cerrito CA · 2008
©POP Gallery Off Site Solo Exhibit · Royal Oak MI · 2008
Our Perfect Poison · The Ground Floor · Belleville IL · 2007
Our Common Silence · Cummel’s Cafe · St. Louis MO · 2006
Our Human Error · The Ground Floor · Belleville IL · 2005


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Aunia Kahn